About Us

About Us
Let me introduce myself. .
I have been a Semi Professional/Professional Punter for over 30 years. I have had the pleasure of owning some successful racehorses over the years and a couple of slow ones as well. However my true passion and expertise lies in my punting prowess.
I have been analysing form and punting since I was 17 years of age and I am now just turned 50.I have been punting professionally since the year 1999 and still going strong today an achievement that I am very proud of. This is all made possible by purchasing the most up to date Data, a Set Racing and Staking plan, an adequate  Race Bank, Positive Attitude, Self-Belief , Discipline and a Supportive wife. Oh, and a little luck here and there goes along way as well.
I still do periods of contract work as I believe it takes a lot of pressure off if the punting income is not your soul source of income. My aim each year is to earn on the punt, what I would earn in my 9-5 day job and if I achieve that I am a happy man.
In 2009-2010 I worked at Winform Publishing as a Form Analyst and co-writer with Garry Robinson. Garry is well renowned as being one of Australia’s leading Form Analysts and Professional Punters and has written for just about every major Racing Publication in the country. I had the pleasure of publishing a book whilst at Winform        –ProfessionalPunting: My Personal Approach
The aim of this website
Is to give readers a simple and professional location to obtain genuine racing information. I will give some views on upcoming Black Type Feature Races as that is where I make my big profits. I will try to educate punters on some of the methods that I successfully use, and believe would be helpful for you. We will look at how best to stake money on these races to maximise returns as I truly believe that money management is the Key to success.
If nothing else, if I  can be thought provoking, that is a positive. I am no expert writer or IT person and I have no links or gains from Bookmakers or race clubs alike. I hope you enjoy this site as it grows over time. I will also review any new products that I come across and have set up a shame file if any readers would like to relay a bad experience with corrupt operators.
I will on a weekly basis try to post short but educational material to help you become better punters. This site is really only aimed at those who are genuinely interested in improving their punting methods. I am a professional punter that has remained at the top of this game for many years. I put in many hours and  believe me you only get out of life what you put in.
Good Luck and Good Punting

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