Corporate Bookmakers

There are many Corporate Bookmakers out there in the market now. It is so competitive and all have deposit bonuses, refer a friend bonuses, double your money on certain races, etc etc etc. All are worth looking at and taking advantage of as it all adds to your bottom line at the end of a betting year.
However, I am also careful not to get too caught up in all the hype each week with their promotions as I can win far more by just securing the best odds available. I have stayed loyal to about 4 Corporate Bookmakers over several years but I have about another 4 accounts that I can switch too at any time. Each Bookmaker has different offers and I will highlight how I best use them at present.
bet365 – Online Sports Betting


This is one of the largest betting companies in the world. They have recently launched in Australia. Their Metropolitan Racing product gives punters the best of both worlds. You can take a fixed price at any time during betting and if that price goes down you have it, of course but if the price blows out you get the final price eg:. best of three totes or bookmakers starting price. It is a fantastic product in my opinion. The best part of placing your win bets with them is that you have the comfort of knowing you will get the best price whether the market goes up or down. Also, when a deduction has been applied to any final field fixed odds Win, Place or Cover bet, bet365 will only apply the deduction to the winning portion and not the stake – unlike traditional Australian deductions. They also have a Protest Promise. Where a result is amended after a Stewards’ inquiry  they will pay out on both the original past the post result and the final official result on all Win and Place bets. This offer applies to all Thoroughbred and Harness racing in Australasia. The bet365 Protest Promise also applies to exotic betting including trifectas, quinellas, exactas and first 4. The only thing off putting with B365 is the website is dark and messy to read.  My Rating 9/10 for win betting.
Unfortunately from the 15th July I have been advised by Bet365 that I can not place bets over a maximum of $10.00. For the worlds so-called largest bookmaker that is pathetic. I will be taking my business else where effective August 1st.
Offers Second Chance Specials and Payout Protests. The best part about IAS is that they usually are the first up on a Wednesday or Thursday with the Fixed Odds Markets for the weekend races. I have found them to offer on most occasions the best early odds available. The downside is if the horses odds drifts you are locked in at the lower odds. IAS also has the best payout limits available on the multiple bet types. Be very careful with placing exotics with other Corporate Bookmakers as you may be jumping for joy expecting a $180,000 payout and find out there maximum liability is $20000. I use IAS for both my win bets and most exotic betting. My Rating 8/10 for win betting ( early fixed odds ) and  Exotic Betting limits.
Sportingbet offer Maxi Dividends, Best Odds, Best Fluctuation, Starting Price, Starting Price Insurance, Fixed Odds, all up Multi- Betting, Parlay Betting, Quinella’s, Trifecta’s, First Four, Quaddie, Daily and Extra Doubles, Trebles, Place Card, Win and Place Betting. I use to use Sportingbets Maxi Divi product a lot but nowadays the Corporate bookmakers bet back into the TAB pools to offset any liability of large tote dividends payouts on their products. However, Sportingbet has one product that no other bookmaker offers and that is Fixed Price Quinella’s. I have used to great advantage of late taking fixed prices early as with the win bets. Quite often I may have locked into a Quinella at odds of 170/1 only to see it half by race-day.  Also I have had an account with Sportingbet for over 10 years now and I rate their customer service the best I have dealt with. Friendly and prompt. My Rating 7/10 for win fixed price Quinella’s and 10/10 customer service.
 Luxbet Sports Betting
Luxbet has a unique product on Metropolitan Racing  in Best of the Best which Guarantees the higher of any Tote or Best Fluctuation  For smaller punters you could do far worst than use this product. I don’t use it as much now as the tote prices and best fluctuations have diminished over time. However I do like using Luxbet to place fixed priced All Up Multi Bets or Parlays. Their prices are competitive and when you submit your bet you get a fantastic print out showing you exactly what leg is paying eg Blow Joe @ $7.00 Gone fishing @ 21.00 =$147 x $20 Total return $2940. One thing that Luxbet excels at is that if  you placed any early Multi bets and there is a scratching Saturday morning then that portion of your refund shows up in your account instantly. I have found that all the other corporate bookmakers hold the money until after the race is run which is frustrating. My Rating 6/10 for win betting Bestofthebest. Parlays 9/10


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