Winform Ratings

Winform Ratings  is the heart and sole of my operation. I have been using Winform ratings for over 20 years and have worked with the Director,  Garry Robinson so I can vouch for the authenticity of this product. Garry also is one of Australia’s leading Form Analysts and has written for just about every major Racing Publication in the country. As well as been a regular on Radio and author of best-selling book: ‘Make Racing Pay’.
Winforms time based ratings are derived by a process of comparison of each horses run against a standard par time for each track and distance adjusted for a track variant. Ratings have points allocated and each point equates to 1/10 th second variable to distance. The program selects a qualifying run considered closest todays race condition. Weights, barriers and a multiple of other factors such as fitness patterns are built into the program. Its is a proven formula that has stood the test of time. Winform Ratings for 7 days a week costs around $1750 PA. or $145 pm.
For Enquiries on Winform Ratings please contact Garry Robinson :
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