Staking Plans – Form

Staking Plans
I will over the coming months give you my views on different staking plans. However I am a firm believer in one core thing. You need a staking plan that fits within your comfort zone and can realistically meet you betting target with the resources/ disposable income that you have avalible…NOT SOME MANUFACTURED STAKING PLAN that fits all preached in every book and website out there. Let me explain further.
I don’t believe in programs that the bet size gets bigger after each loss hoping for a win before the bank busts, that’s crazy. Plans that go up and down eg: betting to a percentage of banks are excellent but don’t work with professional punting because I need to take money out each week to pay bills.
Without knowing your bank balance, style of bets, amount of bets or pressure points it is hard to be successful at this game. You need to think about the points above and bet within your comfort zone NOT SOME MANUFACTURED STAKING PLAN that fits all. That’s why all the graphs you see are in my opinion are rubbish. Yes you can start with $5 bet and after 2 years all going well be betting up to $1000 per bet. But mark my word $5 punters will not handle the $1000 bets when they get to that point! (The human element)
Some millionaires get the shakes placing a $10 bet & some people who have hardly a dollar to their name think nothing of placing a $300 bet. Some punters love 50 bets a day, some like just a couple of selective bets. What do you like and what are your pressure points????
Sit down with a pen and paper, be honest about these couple of points. When you have the answers to these I will discuss how to structure your staking plan to suit YOU.
Oh, by the way, if you don’t have an account with a Corporate Bookmaker somewhere in Australia, then I highly recommend that you do get one. To bet on the TAB these days is just throwing your money away. It is very important to take advantage of the early fixed odds available on anyone of the many corporate bookmakers. This is where the edge is in racing. And no,  Im not going to link you to an Corporate Website to open an Account and then get a kick back of every dollar you bet, again every website is doing that and that is NOT the aim of my site.
The Edge
Saturday in the Group One SA Derby my top rated selection was Escado.As much as $41 fixed odds was available on this earlier in the week.Escado won easily and started at $14.00 on raceday. NOW THAT IS AN EDGE.
In 2009 I got $26 on my star bet Daffodil in the Australian Oaks on Thursday night and then watched it win easily on Saturday at TAB odds of $9.00.!  think about that long term…..Seriously.


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