My Recomended Strategies

There are literally dozens of professional Staking plans in books and on the market. Every thing from Level Stakes to betting to chance,  to progressive plans , loss chasing plans betting calculators and automated software that bets directly into pools while you sleep.
I have literally tried them all over the early years plus designed some rippers myself. I am not going to explain them all as there are plenty of websites to review on the internet. I am not going to knock any plan as technically there is no right or wrong. Most do work if you stick and most also have there flaws.
I would like to present 2 simple plans to you that I personally think is more realistic with the world of punting.  Both plans are again about personalising your money,  around you.
Let me explain. I don’t belive that your next bet should be governed by the outcome of a previous bet, or for that matter to a lesser extent the price of a horse.I believe that a good staking plan should have the freedom to attack or back off depending on your confidence levels and field strength of a race or opportunity of a big collect.
I first read about this plan from a professional USA punter some 20 years ago. From memory his name was Andy Beyer.It’s so simple but so sensible and effective and I use it to great effect.
Plan 1:  Simply have 3 bet sizes for race day A.B.C  Each is proportionate to your bank roll. Have your largest bets as A and the smallest stake on C.
So for example $10000 race bank make               A =1.5%         B =1.0%           C =0.5% 
Thats $150 ,$100, $50 ( avg $100) or 1% of you bank based on a $10000 bank.
I can’t recommend this strategy enough.  I can’t bring myself to placing $250 on my top rated selection in a lowly country cup that’s $60 in the market and the next rated horse is very close to it. Then on  a Saturday also place a $250 bet on a top rated $8.00 chance in the Grp1 Newmarket Hcp , top quality field , the horse is a standout on times and I’m brimming with confidence. I don’t want to let the 60/1 chance  race against me in the Country Cup because the second you drop of these the punting gods punish you and they bolt in.
So you see,  if you  scale your bets into A B C sizes you can attack or retreat as you please with confidence and not miss any action due to a manufactured staking plan that tells you to have $500 on the next race @ 60/1 because you are due for a winner after 14 loses that s crazy. It’s just as crazy to bet bigger as your bank gets bigger because what goes up, must come down. It’s a nice way to build up to a certain level but eventually the bank, and bets will get so big YOU WILL CHOKE., its called Human Nature. Its your money and you should have flexibility.
If you are the sort of punter that is more influenced by the real odds of a horse and most are then you can use the same ABC approach to just as great effect.
 Group your horses eg Odds A= odds $2 to $5  B = odds $5 to $10 C =odds $10 upwards. I went into more depth about this plan in my book Professional Punting My Personal Approach.
Its interesting to that Andy Beyer said the best way to work out your bet sizes was to be honest about how much you would invest on a 5 star cant lose special and then work backwards from there. He also made the point that he discover from good record keeping that it was not his $3000 bets on short price even money shots that’ was making all his profits. The good returns were coming from the $6 to $12 range of bets!
Plan 2: This is how I personally choose to attack the races with an average bet size of $200. I say average because I do grade my races into ABC as above, but then I take it one step further.  However, for simplicity I am going to keep it simple and say each race is bet at $200. or a $20000 race bank.
Again as above every race is different. So I believe you need to have several avenues of attack depending on the price of your selections , field size , betting opportunity , rating, closeness of other selections etc. In other words no two races are the same,  so why lock into to purely Win bets or purely Exotics. You need a mixture. Here is how I group my betting options for a total outlay of $200.
  • $200 Win Only
  • $100 Win Horse- A  & $100  Horse- B
  • $100 Each Way
  • $100 Win & $100 Exotic
  • $200 Exotic Only
Now what governs these 5 different bets?
$200 Win Only – Top Rated clear standout but shortish in market eg $4.20 No use fluffing around just bet the whole stake for the win or skip the race.
$100 Win Horse A $100 Horse B – Both top rated selection’s are extremely close and both profile as a great chance of winning and both at good odds  eg  $12.00 and $21.00. The amount of times that you bet one and not the other you can guess the outcome!
$100 Each WaySometime in a top race your best rated selection by a mile is 80/1. The other rated horse’s you have behind it are all quite short in the market so an exotic bet may not be great value as you may end up with less than 80/1 if it does win. So, for sanity sake at big odds just go each way at FIXED odds. $20 the place is still a nice return.
$100 Win & $100 exotic Sometime in a big feature race with a large field size your  top rated selection is big odds eg 80/1 again. However,  this time your 2nd – 5th rated selections are very closely rated behind your top rated. On this occasion they are also lucrative odds. There is a jackpot pool and lots of interest in this race eg Caulfield Cup. This situation just screams out loud for an exotic bet because 1/ you see a great opportunity for a return and 2/ you don’t want to pull your hair out getting nabbed on  the line by your 4th rated horse at $25 even though it was only 2 points behind your top selection. However,  if your main selection bolts in at good odds and you miss the exotic it’s still a nice collect indeed and you don’t go mad.
$200 Exotic OnlyThis is not an attack I use to often but there are occasions that it’s a given. As is in  the above example if your top  rated selection’s are so very closely rated together, they are also lucrative odds, jackpot pool and lots of interest in them , then maybe its best just to play the whole $200 on a boxed exotic like a fixed price Quinella or the Exacta 2×5 for example. After all if you don’t have a stand out but on times which I use the top 5 selections are all within 1 length why not have a go. After all this is a betting business – when the opportunity presents , have a go! You will never make money wondering what if, or saying I was going to do that.

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