Friday I download the Ratings for Sundays Meetings and look for any Feature Races. I then simple follow the steps exactly the same as for any other day making manual adjustments to my automated time ratings. And as exactly for Saturdays racing  I look at predicted track conditions and seek out the very best price on offer early and lock it in.
Other than that I just run my eyes over any early Saturday scratchings and make sure nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. I then record all my bets on an Excel Spreadsheet that highlights my horses name , the amount invested, divided, p&l and who the bet was placed with. Now we know our liability for win bets before the races commence Saturday. It’s a good idea at this stage to open up each betting account and cross check that you haven’t made any silly mistakes.We have all cheered a horse home only to find out later we stuffed the bet up, after all we are human.
Just sit back now and relax with a cold drink, you have earned it.