D Day. …..After all the experimentation by clubs and authorities over the years, Saturday metropolitan Racing in Australia is still the main race day with the largest pools and greatest interest. I always bounce out of bed Saturday mornings with anticipation of a big expected return by days end. The very first thing I listen to is the scratching’s and the racing show starting at 6.30am.
At around 9am,  I download my ratings all over again this time it imports all the scratchings and latest track conditions, adjusts the barrier positions and re prices the odds of the selections in each race. All this takes less than 2 minutes-amazing! I then check for any major changes to my races that I have had Win bets on early.
Obviously if they are scratched I must consider whether the next rated horse profiles OK and is any value at this stage of betting. The main thing that I do on Saturday is place any exotic bets that I was considering. You still have to look at the fixed odds on these 2nd to 5th rated selections as the media may have wrecked any potential return by now.
My favorite play at the moment is the Exactas. I do a 2 x4 combination or a 1 x 5. The returns are getting better with these bet types each year. I have highlighted my thoughts on exotics in the staking section of this website. Again record your bets on your spreadsheet. Now you are set for raceday.- Goodluck.