Administration Day– A few different things take place on Tuesdays. Tuesdays is a quiet day on the punt so a good day to do some racing housekeeping.
Firstly, I follow the exact same procedure at around 9am as with any other day, being downloading todays fields and fields two days in advance, manually adjust form, seek best odds and place bets and record.
Then I reconcile all my betting accounts that the corporate bookmakers email me against my records on my excel sheet. Do not presume what they are paying you or you owe them is correct. I have credit accounts with several Bookmakers and we operate on a strict payment terms of 7 days. I never miss a payment if I owe them just $10 as this is my lifeline. Both parties have a good repour, I’m pleased to say.
Once I have reconciled all my accounts and spreadsheets and paid any bookmakers that I owe comes an important part of punting that few punters do.
I once read that your form study pre and post race should be on a ratio of 1:1.That means that if you spent 3 hours trying to find the winners you should spend 3 hours analysing the results from a meeting. You should review the hows and whys of both your own bets and that of the real race winners. Why did a certain horse win or lose.
There is are a variety of different angles you can delve into but you may be just be amazed at how much you start learning post race if you take the time. I usually spend about 2-3 hours reviewing the last weeks races and running different what if  scenarios through my system developer. If you want to get good at this game you have to question every bet you have and watch for any alarming changing trends or profitably trends that you might help gain that all important edge. I tape all the big races on Saturdays and re watch the Videos several times. I then add notes to my computers which highlights these horse the next time they race. I then add or deduct bonuses of up to 1 length  on times re my Notes.
And there ends the 7 days on the punt cycle. Hopefully ,it has been a good one. But don’t fret if it hasn’t. You have to keep your long-term objectives in mind. I break my racing down to week, month, year. It’s really the $$$$$$$ at year’s end that I’m most interested in. After all you can’t bank percentages.