How to Structure a Race Bank

I am going to explain to you how to structure a racing bank to suit YOU. I will keep the maths fairly simple so you get a solid grasp of what I’m getting at. In these examples we will just presume that it is win betting only but it doesn’t really matter as Exotic Betting can work as well.
Every Punter is  different. Everyone has a different goal they are trying to achieve. Lets presume you work full-time and would just like to earn $10000 each year from your weekend warrior punting. The size of bets and the size of bank is determined by one thing TURNOVER.
Lets presume that you are able to make a 10% turnover on all your bets for the year( I might point out that a lot of professionals make know where near this)  lets presume that’s 50 weeks of punting – 2 weeks holiday.
Goal: $10000 profit on turnover. POT
Thats $200 per week profit.
That means you would have to invest $2000 a week @ 10% profit to get $200 profit. eg invest 10 times you weekly profit goal. So if you want to earn $600 per week like me then I need to turn over $6000 PW  @ 10% to achieve my wage.
Now here come’s the important personal part. The amount of average bets you have decides your average bet size and in effect the size of race bank needed.
  • If you like lots of bets say 25 races  then the equation is $2000 invested  divided by 25 bets = avg bet size $80.00
  • If you are selective say 8 races pw  then the equation is $2000 invested  divided by 8 bets = avg bet size $250.oo
Either way you are investing  $2000.00 pw to  achieve $200 pw profit or $10000 PA. So what’s the difference. Well again keeping it simple most professionals recommend a betting bank of around 100 units so if your bets are $80 each then a bank of $8000 is plenty where as the $250 bet requires a bank of $25000 minimum.
Most professionals recommend smaller bets and smaller percentage and massive turnover and promote the fact that there is less pressure with smaller bets. I can’t argue with that but having heaps of bets doesn’t suit my style of punting. I am very selective and aim for around a 15% POT. My comfort level  is between 8 – 15 bets pw.
You simple have to be honest with yourself and use the formula above to work out what your avg bet size and matching race bank should be. After all its your money and what suits your style. I can’t tell you that and no-one should.

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